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Meet The Dolls

Dancing Dead Ghouls



Undead Ballerina

Not a lot is known about Baby Doll and her past is yet to be discovered.
Likes: Ballet, Teddy Bears, Cuddling, & Fun
Favorite Movie:



Death by Cheer

Who says Death can't be female? Ms. Graves has legs that go on for days
and moves that will haunt your dreams.
Likes: Reaping Souls, Metal, Mosh Pits, Spike, & Killstar baby!
Weapon of Choice: Her Scythe "Killer"
Favorite Movie:



Vampy Burly

Ms. Blade is a fascinating beauty who is eternally young. She was changed in the
1920's when she started dabbling in the art of dominatrix with her lover yet this has
nothing to do with how or why she was changed into a blood thirsty succubus.
Age: I am ageless fool
Likes: Type O negative, Bats, Tattoos, Corsets
Favorite Movies: Bram Stoker's Dracula

Meet The Dolls: Team Members


Re-Animated Belly Dancer

In the 1950’s a Mad Scientist looking for love decided to create his own women
from the body parts of the dead. Everything would have went well but unknown to
him he used the brain of a Serial Killer. What he created for love caused his death.
Age: 19, 21, 27, 36, 102
Likes: Murder, Graveyards, Murder, Weapons, Zombies, Tattoos, Full Moon
Weapon of Choice: Machete, Baseball Bat, Hatchet
Favorite movies: Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The FunHouse, & Army of Darkness



Side Show Contortionist Angsty Teen

Misery is the contorting teenage nightmare in Monster Dolls.
Likes: Jack o'lanterns, Hula Hoops, Tattoos
Favorite Movies:



Voodoo Belly Dancer

Monster Dolls found their Tiki Goddess in 2015. Tiny, vicious and an expert in sorcery.
Likes: Brains...playing with them that is. Belly Dance, Swords, Island Life,
Favorite Movie: The Ring, Dead Alive


ScarrieAnne Stalker

Fire Poi Stalker

ScarrieAnne was the all American girl that everyone wanted to be and all the guys wanted to date. She could have been anything until the person she trusted most, her one and only true love took her life. He killed her and disguised her body as a scarecrow out in an old cornfield. What a jerk! Rumor has it that she was found by Mistress Sin who felt a soul wondering in the area and being a collector she decided to investigate. With a little bit of Frankie's Voodoo and her evil powers she was able to put ScarrieAnne's soul back into her withered body.
Likes: Fire, Cowboy Boots, Tattoos, Pantera, Whiskey, the Country bumpkin Life-style, Stalking people, Heavy Metal, Spiders.
Hobbies: Stalking people, collecting spiders, setting stuff on fire.
Favorite Movies: The Devils Rejects, A Nightmare on Elm Street



Belly Dancing Poltergeist

Zelda Hex

The poltergeist of Monster Dolls! If you wrong a Doll Zelda will be sure to follow
you home and create chaos all around you! This phantom may look sweet but I
wouldn't turn your back on her!
Likes: Ouija Boards, Spirit Possession, Swords, Belly Dance
Favorite Movie:

Meet The Dolls: Team Members
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